Alyx + Kate :: Day 23

Tonight we finally had time to relax together after a long day. So while the Alyx watched a movie, Kate played, I patched up a hole in her little pillow. When I was done, she got super excited to play with it. Alyx and Kate both love stuffed animals, blankets, and all things soft, warm, and cuddly, so when I was finished, they had a little fun. So cute!

Kate found some of Alyx's school papers and kept a piece in hand, unwilling to let go. She's so funny!

I lost focus in these few pictures as Kate was moving quickly and I wasn't prepared for what she was going to do next....

She always pushes her face into her stuffed animals, blankets, and pillows.. it's so funny when she does it and I'm not sure why I was a little surprised and humored when she did it here!

Hahaa! Just look at that squishy face! I just love watching them play and laugh together, it makes a mama's heart happy.