Alyx + Kate :: Day 15

Whew! What a rough day Kate and I had! Our morning started around 1 am, when Kate woke up with a fever. Fevers freak me out, because there's such a fine line from 'it's ok to deal with this at home fever' to 'get to the hospital it's too high fever.' Too often these days moms are running to the doctor's office for silly little things that could honestly be taken care of at home, I know because I've been that mom before. Once you get used to having a doctor right there on a whim for all your needs, it becomes kind of a habit when something appears a little off. The last little illness that Alyx had, I naturally got worried and expressed my concerns to my hubby about calling his doctor right away. His response in the end was that there are remedies to do at home before needing to actually consult a physician. At that moment a little light came on in my head and I thought, 'Oh yeah! I can give OTC medicine, take temperatures, and other at home remedies to take care of my kids!' Hahaa. After that, Kate and I were up every few hours from her off and on fever, my mad search for the thermometer, giving her a fever reducer, and rocking her to sleep. This has been the worst bout of teething we've encountered yet!

As bedtime drew near, I was quickly putting laundry away. Kate was in a mildly content mood for a few minutes and decided to help me. It was so cute! She was trying to put clothes in the dresser, but found it easier to pull it out instead :).

This is Alyx's first chapter book that he's gotten from school. I figured it would be another book that he would glance over the pictures and leave in his backpack until library day. To my surprise, he's been reading it nonstop for three days! He started over about three times when he would lose his page, but is finally on Chapter 10 this evening, and beyond proud of each chapter he conquers.

Sleepiness is finally kicking in, the magical sippy cup of milk means it's time for bed.

I was dancing a little jig with a teddy bear after I grabbed Kate's sippy cup hoping she would let me take her picture real quick. It worked!