Alyx + Kate :: Day 14

Today was quite a day with my little babes! We woke up to a fresh beautiful blanket of snow outside as the sun started shining. I quietly went up the stairs to find little miss princess waking up, so together we ventured into Alyx's room to wake him up. I kept telling him to look 'outside, look outside!' He groggily looks up and quickly looks to me with a huge grin on his face. LOVE! I remember getting super excited as a kid when the first snow fell, in fact, I still do :).

Sadly, this was the look I saw on Kate most of today. She had her flu shots and other vaccines a few days ago, so I thought she was feeling the effects of that, until I noticed her sixth tooth pushing through yesterday! To add to her misery, she had a fever today. When Kate is sick, she is stuck to me like glue. She doesn't want to do much of anything else, unless it's with me right along with her! So she helped me cook dinner with her brother tonight :). Oh boy, that was fun! I've got to give it to her, she's been a champ going with out her bottle and pacifier. She has gone about two weeks quitting cold turkey. Now that wasn't the way I planned on doing it, but once I gave her a sippy cup that had the good stuff in it, she's been ok with that ever since!

Once the sun came out today, it was just so lovely. After school Alyx usually asks to go to the park, and since the weather is usually really crummy we can't go play. My kids, like their mom and dad, LOVE the outdoors! No matter what it is, whether it be hiking, playing at the park, walking on the beach, it simply doesn't matter! So I figured we could take a few minutes, see how Kate feels and play around a bit.

Unlike her usual self, she didn't smile too much today - this was one of maybe four times that she did. If you know my little girl, you know that she is almost always a happy camper!

We explored the new park at Chambers Bay, and boy was it awesome! There was so much fun to be had! As soon as Alyx saw the tire swing he went running for it. I was hoping Kate might enjoy it a little bit, but as  you can tell, she wasn't all too thrilled.

After swinging with mom and then on her own, Alyx took his little sis down the slide. She laughs and giggles whenever we go to the park, and she did a few times while we were here, but she does it even more when her brother plays with her. It's precious to see these two interact with one another.

With Alyx, nothing can be done the regular way more than once. Oh no. After sampling each of these unique slides, he had to add his own twist to the mix... I didn't post all of them, but he went forward, backward, upside down, spread across, you name it - he did it!

See that little hand and face in the window? That's my baby boy! Hehee, too cute!