Alyx + Kate :: Day 6

I aspire to wake up everyday with my children like we did today! It's always a great moment to open your eyes to the sun shining brightly through your windows, especially when you live in Washington state! I got up a little early, unsure of what the day would hold for me, so I just got ready to conquer it!

The sun graced us all day long, thankfully, and while we had chores to do that we couldn't really get out to enjoy it fully, we appreciated and took in every moment we could.

When I sat Kate down with Alyx to take their picture for the day, I never really expect to get one where they're both looking at the camera, but I was so happy to see I grabbed a rare moment like this one.

After the rare moment of catching them looking at me, Kate started getting silly.

This headband was so cute on her today, but it certainly didn't stay on all day long, it was a constant on and off game. Hahaa, look at that face!

On occasion she'll find the way to her toes... Upon discovery of new things, she likes to test them out with a taste test. Heheee.

Commence throwing a fit! It took about two minutes for the fun and paparazzi moment to end and move on to new things! She wanted to get down and play some more before finally heading to bed.